Ancient ruins of Babylon

The civilization of Babylon

Babylon is the most famous civilization that arose in ancient Mesopotamia, this civilization lived in the eighteenth and sixth centuries BC, and the most famous of its kings was King Hammurabi who united large areas of Mesopotamia and neighboring areas under his rule, built Babylon, and declared himself king over it, which is Which established the first law in the world, known as the law of Hammurabi, and the capital Babylon was built on the banks of the Euphrates, where the city is divided on both sides of the river, with the presence of steep dams that were made to prevent flooding of the river in the rainy seasons, the empire weakened after the death of Hammurabi, where After him, his son, Simso Ilona, ​​ruled It fell to a small empire and spent a long period under Assyrian, Keshi, and others.

Ancient ruins of Babylon

Many monuments were discovered in the ancient civilization of Babylon in the modern era, this was done during the era of the late President Saddam Hussein when the Iraqi government began excavating the many monuments found in Babylon, and also made an attempt to rebuild the ruined and destroyed monuments of the ancient city, and perhaps the most prominent traces of ancient Babylon That was treated was one of Nebuchadnezzar’s palaces. Usually governments around the world are interested in searching for antiquities to consolidate the history and heritage of the country, and to strengthen the tourist aspect there. In 2003, after the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, the American forces built a military base on the ruins of ancient Babylon’s ruins, and it was mentioned in the report of the United Nations Cultural Heritage Agency UNESCO stated that this base had caused extensive damage to the archaeological site, years later specifically in 2009 the site was reopened to the movement of tourists.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Babylon Gardens is one of the most famous ancient ruins of Babylon, as the Babylonians built it near the Euphrates River in Iraq, and the gardens had external walls with a length of 56 miles, and a thickness of 80 feet, while the height was 320 feet, the construction includes an irrigation system consisting of a pump Wheel and tanks to bring water from the Euphrates River to the top, Babylonian gardens were built in 600 BC, and it is believed that King Nebuchadnezzar II built it to entertain his wife to calm his wife who was yearning for her original homeland The site of the gardens in the northwestern part of Iraq and the southeastern region of Turkey where An earthquake is believed to have destroyed the area after the first century BCE as there is currently no known location for these gardens, while some contemporary scholars doubt the existence of the gardens actually exists.


M, the shape of the ziggurat is distinct and different as it is easily recognizable, as the base of the building is a square platform with sides narrowing inward during the height, while the top is usually flat, the zakuras are made of made bricks, which is left in the sun to dry, and is used in the construction of external walls Roasted on fire, the ziggurats consist of solid structures, without internal rooms. The platform can be climbed on the top by an external staircase or a spiral slope, although the ziggurat buildings that still exist suffer from major ruin, but scientists have been able to estimate the dimensions of buildings Alqqurat, as high as that 150 feet.

Babylon Tower

The city of Babylon is mentioned in the holy books, whether Hebrew or Christian, as these books portray Babylon as a city that bears evil, as Jerusalem fell in its time and carried away many of its residents, as the accounts in the Bible talk about the story of one of the most famous ancient ruins of Babylon, the Tower of Babylon And novels according to the Old Testament say that people tried to build a tower to be able to reach the sky, but this action angered God who when he saw this tower, he destroyed it and as a result, people scattered all over the land and dispersed, which made them different speak more than one language, and did not Then they can understand each other’s language, here Some scholars believe that the Tower of Babel may be inspired by the construction of Mabz ziggurats reality built to honor the god of Babylon, the famous Murdoch.

The walls of Babylon

One of the relics of ancient Babylon, which is the biggest evidence of architecture flourishing throughout the Babylonian empire and in the capital, Babylon, the fame of its walls that came from the difficulty of penetration, Hammurabi encircled the city with walls as a form of protection, and in the time of King Nebuchadnezzar II the city was also fortified but was built Three episodes of walls that reached 40 feet in length to surround the city and make it very fortified, Herodotus the Greek historian Herodotus stated that for the density of the walls of Babylon the chariot races were hung on them, the city area was 200 square miles, i.e. it is very large and approximates the size of the city of Chicago in America.