How to make children’s paste


Children are the mother’s first concern, as she always tries to provide what they need. The childhood stage is one of the most important stages of life during which their skills and abilities are developed and developed and their levels of intelligence are increased through games and tools that are presented to them, and putty is a wonderful teaching means that develop the child’s mental capabilities, But what is sold in stores is dangerous to the health of the child because of the ingredients it contains and the materials that are placed on it to maintain its freshness for a longer period, so it is better to prepare it at home from natural ingredients that do not harm the child even if he put it in his mouth, and we will present the method of making children’s paste with ingredients Simple and available at home.

How to make children’s paste

  • The amounts of children paste work

A cup of white flour. A glass of water. Half a cup of coarse salt. Two tablespoons of starch. 1 tablespoon of vanilla. Two tablespoons of lemon. Tablespoon of olive oil or edible oil. Food colors. Glitter at will.

  • How to make children’s paste

We put all of the above ingredients in a non-stick cooking pot, and mix them well. We raise the pot on a quiet fire for ten minutes with continuous stirring until the ingredients are homogeneous together, then turning it using a wooden spoon. Remove the pot from the heat, put the dough on a tray, and leave to cool a little. Cut the dough into equal pieces in balls. We put a drop of liquid food colors on each ball according to the desired color, then knead it well by hand until the color is distributed equally across all parts. Repeat the previous step with all the balls, then wrap them with food preservative paper and keep them in the refrigerator.

A simple way to make children’s paste

  • Ingredients for children’s paste action

A cup of flour. A quarter cup of water. A third of a cup of salt. Spoon of vegetable oil. Food colors.

  • How to make children’s paste

Mix the dry ingredients together in a deep bowl, and add a spoonful of alum to slow the growth of bacteria, while adding two tablespoons of tartar cream to increase flexibility. Put the water in a bowl and bring to a boil, then add food and vegetable oil to it and mix them together. Drops of glycerin can be added to give a shine. Slowly add the dry ingredients over the liquid with continuous stirring until smooth and soft dough is obtained. We remove the paste from the heat and let it cool down and then form it as desired.

Benefits of children playing with putty

  • The development of mental capabilities by stimulating his imagination to imagine things and trying to shape and link them together.
  • Exercise the muscles of the hands and increase the ability to control it.
  • Increased ability to reconcile thinking with the movement of hands.