Information about the black spider


Spiders belong to arthropods, which have eight legs and canines to inject venom, and spiders are found all over the world except Antarctica, they adapt to all habitats except for air and marine habitats, and they are the largest rank of arachnids they are very diverse, as they are classified in the seventh rank of In terms of total diversity among all ranks of living organisms, there are more than 48200 types of spiders, and spiders are completely different from arthropods in terms of body composition, and most spiders are herbivores, but there are types of them that are predators, and silk spiders are produced using 6 Kinds of food Dade, which are primitive animals, were found around 299-316 million years ago, and the length of their bodies ranges from 0.37 mm to the smallest to 90 mm to the largest, and this article talks about black spiders as one of the types of spiders.

Black spider

It is also called “black widow”, and it was called this name because females kill it after its mating, which is the most toxic species of spiders in North America, and despite this it rarely kills humans, and females differ in its shape and size from males The females are usually larger and have a glossy black color with a red hourglass mark on the underside of the round belly, which is sometimes orange, and the females reach a length of 1.5 inches, while the males are half the size of the females, and they are lighter colors Red or pink spots appear on their backs, and this condition will adapt P living in the temperate regions of the world, and is plentiful in the United States, as it exists in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and can be found in dark places and dry Kataiwabak lower litter and other, and feeds on insects and other spiders, there are 3 types of it, namely:

Black Spider Life Cycle

Females from the black spider live about 9 months, while males are of shorter age, and although it is common for females of the black spider to kill their partner after mating, not all of them do this, and the black spider females reproduce by laying eggs, they lay hundreds of eggs She wraps them in a soft box and then hangs them from her net, and then monitors and defends eggs for a month, and since this type is a predatory species, when eggs hatch small spiders devour each other until a few of them remain, so the rest of the exit From the net using silk threads, needs to be stretched Two months to 3 months of growth and it varies depending on the type, the female black spider produces 15 bag eggs throughout her life, where each bag containing 900 eggs.