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University education is the dream of any student who seeks to be the best in his field and tries hard to be a leader in the place he chooses to complete his educational career, and international universities are often classified by a system known as QS and according to that standard, MIT ranks first in the world Especially in his scientific field, followed by the American University of Stasford to be the second center, and then Harvard University that takes third place, and when choosing a university in which he wants to complete his studies, he must look at its global ranking because that earns his degree a great strength, and among the Jam The American University of Pennsylvania will talk about education about it.

University of Pennsylvania

When talking about one of the oldest American universities in the world, it is necessary to search in all aspects of that university and which it is distinguished from other universities, and what distinguishes the University of Pennsylvania from other known American and international universities, and here it is necessary to look at its history The Great, as it is the fourth oldest education center in all the United States of America, and one of the most ancient centers that have been since the time of British colonialism and has continued strongly until now, but it is a member of the Ivy League Sports League, and a member of fourteen members of the Association of American Universities.

The establishment of this university dates back to the eighth century, in the 1940s, when the man known for his policy and wisdom Benjamin Franklin developed the idea of ​​establishing a university that contained a specific educational system, and that university was the throes of his idea that made its foundation for education to be based on practice in the ground, especially for the branches That needs it, like trade and economics, and is satisfied with only theoretical languages ​​and literary materials. Therefore, these points were among the most important points that supported the steps of the University of Pennsylvania’s success and in that detail the history of the famous University of Pennsylvania.