Information About White Termite

The White Termite

Termites is the common name given to a group of insects that feed on cellulose. The term termites are more close to cockroaches than ants. The number of their species around the world reaches more than two thousand species of termites, most of which live in tropical forests, the Pacific and ocean coasts. Atlantic and many other locations around the world, and it was transported from his country by mistake inside the woods, which led to his arrival in the population areas and caused him a lot of damage, in addition to his high resistance to moisture, which allowed him to hide for long periods inside the wood without noticing that, but he nevertheless presented Interest It is effective in converting cellulose into effective compounds that contribute to recycling and increasing biodiversity.

Benefits of termites

Although termites contribute to an effective role in converting cellulose into compounds that are effective in biological diversity, it is in contrast to many pests that cause many losses to residents and farmers, as statistics have proven to cause a loss of five billion dollars annually in the United States of America. Many homes live in wood, plastic pipes, insulation boards and many household foundations, and ways to get rid of them are stressful in many cases, and the following will review the most famous types of this ants in the United States and describe their damage:

  • Ground termites: This type of ants lives in groups or colonies that feed together on wood. This type of termite can dig an underground tunnel more than forty five meters long. This termite is found throughout the United States, but from It was rare to find it in the cold climate. Statistics also showed that 95% of ant losses were caused by this species.
  • Dry Wood Ants: These ants live inside the wood, and colonies build inside the doors and planks. This species is particularly common in eastern California and the southeastern United States.
  • Wet wood ants: this ants live inside wet woods, and spread in homes that suffer from plumbing problems, its original residence in the Pacific coast, and a few can be found in South Florida, but it does not cause any damage to it.
  • Formosan ants: It is believed that this type of ants has spread inside the old wooden train tracks. Formosan white ants possess a huge destructive ability, and they feed on a large amount of cellulose by destroying high areas of farms.