The subject of expression on fruits

Expression of fruits

Fruits are vegetable foods that differ in different seasons, as there are summer and winter fruits, and all types are useful and delicious and contain a high nutritional value, so doctors always recommend the need to make fruits within the daily diet to take advantage of the nutritional value of vitamins, antioxidants, mineral elements and sugars And carbohydrates and dietary fiber, in addition to many important elements and compounds that are found in various types of fruits.

The environments in which the fruit trees grow are different, so there are fruits that grow in hot and tropical areas such as: cream, mango, banana, and coconut, and other fruits that grow in cold areas such as apples, peaches, and other fruits that grow in temperate regions, but nowadays The ability to produce different types of fruits is available all the time thanks to greenhouses and modern agricultural techniques, which made their prices available to all, and made available at any time.

One of the advantages of fruits is that they have a beautiful view that pleases the eye in addition to their wonderful taste, as most types contain simple sugars that give energy to the body, in addition to containing water that provides adequate hydration to the body, so fruits are known to protect the body from many diseases such as: fragility Bones because they contain high levels of calcium, also protect against anemia because it contains iron, and gives freshness and vitality to the skin and skin because it contains vitamin C, and helps protect the eye and heart from diseases, and maintains the health of the digestive system, and many other benefits.

In the summer, fruits give the sessions and evening parties a pleasant atmosphere full of joy and life, especially since the summer fruits are distinguished by their abundance and wonderful taste. Such as: sweets, ice cream, different kinds of jam and juices, as well as in various types of food and cosmetic manufacturing, because they contain active elements that benefit hair and skin in particular, and are used in the production of medicines, and nutritionists recommend eating a lot of fruits Without peeling it, because the shell contains vitamins and antioxidants such as: apples and pears, while some fruits should be peeled, such as: bananas, melons and melons.

Fruits can be dried and eaten at any time, and among the fruits that people are famous for drying are: figs that, after drying, turn into cotton, grapes that are converted into raisins in addition to dried peaches, dried pears, etc., and dried fruits are characterized by containing concentrated quantities of nutrients, so they are distinguished It is of great benefit, in addition to its delicious taste.