Types of scorpions


Scorpions are arthropods that belong to spiders, and fossil evidence indicates that scorpions have been present since the carbonic period without any change, and unlike other insects that live for weeks, scorpions live from two to ten years, so modern scorpions can live up to 25 years. It is able to live in the harshest conditions and can live for a whole year without food, and it needs one-tenth of what other insects need from oxygen, and the body of scorpions is divided into two parts: cephalothorax and abdomen, and it has 4 pairs of legs, and scorpions hunt their prey at night, They feed on insects andĀ For spiders, rodents, and other larvae, it also has the ability to light up the night they absorb ultraviolet light and reflected, and there are many types of scorpions, this article shows what are some of the types of scorpions.

Types of scorpions

Scorpions in general are many and live in a variety of habitats. There are about 1500 species of scorpions, most of which live in deserts and other wet or mountainous areas. They also live in sub-tropical and tropical regions. Scorpions are found in all habitats except Greenland and Antarctica, and the average size is Approximately 6 cm, but of course each type differs from the other in size and some other characteristics, and the most common types of scorpions are the following:

Indian Red Scorpio

This species is the most deadly of all types, and is found throughout India and in Sri Lanka, eastern Pakistan and eastern Nepal, and the length ranges between 2 inches and 3.5 inches, and it is dark orange tends to reddish brown, and some are in dark gray or color Brown, preferably in low-lying tropical lands, is like any night animal that bites humans either at night or early in the morning.

Striped bark scorpion

It reaches a maximum length of 7.5 cm, and is distinguished from others by the presence of a triple dark mark on the front of the head above the eyes, and the presence of a pair of black, parallel and long lines on the upper surface of the abdomen, as it is characterized by a long and thin tail, and its color is different from yellow to wheaty, It is common and widespread in the world as it is found in the southwestern United States and is concentrated in the state of Texas.

Imperial scorpion

It is one of the largest types of scorpions in the world, reaching a length of 20 cm and a weight of up to 57 grams.It is dark blue or black and may be dark brown or green, and most live in West Africa, mainly in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, and live in Savannah, rainforests and in tropical forests, it has two large pliers, a pungent tail and eight legs, and is also a nocturnal animal, very slow to bite.

Scorpions poison

Almost all types of scorpions possess venom, and they usually use them to immobilize their prey to be able to eat them. In quantities regulated by him, but not all scorpions are able to produce toxins that kill a person, there are only 25 types of scorpions that have a toxin that kills humans, and most of them belong to the family of scorpions, and stings of these scorpions may lead to death if first aid is not provided, and despite their toxins Lethal, except NH scorpions are collected for the use of poison in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in Pakistan and India.