Where they printed money?

Money is the money minted or the currency that people trade among themselves, to obtain goods or services in its various forms, and it appeared to facilitate commercial transactions between people, instead of what was used in the old time of silver and gold, and is found in two forms, paper money, and coins, and they differ from a country To another in terms of their shape, size, and reliefs depicted on them.

Manufacture of paper money

Paper money is made from linen and cotton together, and some of it is made of cotton only, such as the US dollar, which is not included in the flax industry, and this paper passes through several stages, namely:

  •  Approximately 275 kg of cotton is used.
  • The cotton is exposed to high heat for two hours.
  • Cotton is placed in a large pool of water to clean it and bleach it well.
  •  Cotton is kneaded in very large mixtures.
  • Watermarks and color fibers are added after making sure that the dough has become wet, and this process contributes to not forging banknotes, because a special number is assigned to each paper that can only be seen by special machines.

Coin industry

Coins are made by means of designs and patterns for them, and it goes through several stages:

  •  The inscriptions are placed on the clay, with the details of the metal piece placed after the clay is solid.
  • Some special machines are used to design and model the metal which is subjected to certain temperatures to increase its hardness.
  •  A copy of the metal piece is taken, after which the pictures are extracted from the piece for printing on the coins.
  • Hard metal rods are pressed and held in place in the form of heavy wheels, to obtain coins of the same size.
  •  Coins are transferred to a coin print machine.
  • The coins are distributed to the central bank of the country.

Money printing and making place

The major countries print their own money within the borders of their country, such as the state of China and the country of America, and there are other countries that print their own currency outside their country due to their inability to do so, and they use other countries to print their currencies, and they constitute 50% of the countries in the world.

Money making companies

There are some companies specialized in the manufacture of money and have the authority to do so, such as the Canadian bank note, the British de Laro, the German Gaessika and Different, and the Swedish Karni, but the countries do not announce any manufacture of their own currency, in order to avoid counterfeiting and the resulting high losses to the state, Each currency differs from the other in the type of paper used to print money, depending on the conditions of each country.